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The history and restoration of a Vincent HRD Grey Flash

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  • The Exhaust Pipe

    18th Mar 2021 by

    This has been a giant faff!! Much more than was anticipated… The Grey Flash exhaust pipe is just a 2″ straight-through racing pipe, right? Well, there were several types employed and there is very little data out there. The period shots we had of 2751 were as good as any a place to start. Bert… Read more

  • The Seat

    19th Feb 2021 by

    Whilst we are waiting for the exhaust pipe to be made I thought I’d post a bit about the seat we will be using. Early Vincent HRD racers came fitted with a trimmed version of the standard road-going seat. I believe these were a Feridax product that featured a Dunlopillo foam with “cells” cast into… Read more

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