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The history and restoration of a Vincent HRD Grey Flash

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  • Checking Whether the Motor is Safe to Run

    19th Oct 2020 by

    There has been a bit of a delay in progress as I have been busy with a time-consuming project and Bert has been engaged with other pursuits. The engine is in “last raced” condition and we want to leave it as-is so long as we can be sure that there are no issues that will… Read more

  • Damper & Spring Box Assembly

    26th Sep 2020 by

    This post is fairly self explanatory so I won’t blab on. The dull chromium plate looks good and the spring box inners have been left as-is. The dampers are reconditioned units from Maughan & sons Ltd – the bodies look a little “fresh” for my liking but they will work as intended should the bike… Read more

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