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The history and restoration of a Vincent HRD Grey Flash

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  • Drilling the FT3 Cylinder Head Bracket.

    7th May 2020 by

    The original FT3 that we obtained from Franc and Greg, down in Australia, has been drilled. David Dunfey kindly supplied additional data which enabled us to drill with confidence. He also furnished us with photos of the original FT3 from his GF. Once the lockdown has lifted and businesses are up ‘n’ running again, this… Read more

  • Hub/Brake Drum Assembly.

    2nd May 2020 by

    A moment of assembly this early in the process of restoration is a cause for some elation. The rear rim was exchanged for the correct 20″ item early on in the project and now the refurbished drums have been bolted to the hubs and offered up to the forks and RFM. The above photo features… Read more

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