Grey Flash 2751

The history and restoration of a Vincent HRD Grey Flash

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  • Brake Drum & Brake Plate Finishes.

    7th Apr 2020 by

    Much debate has ensued about the finishes racing Vincents left The Works with, and no more so than that of the brake drums and especially the brake plates. The consensus is that GFs left Stevenage with drums and plates painted/enameled black (as per BL) or grey but I would like to challenge this latter notion.… Read more

  • Timing Chest.

    6th Apr 2020 by

    I thought I’d post a shot of the timing chest today. Peter Johnson: “Although many of the ideas were generated by me, many came from Terry Prince… I had a lathe and mill so did lots of work fabricating bits and pieces right through the Flash. Then later, the Rapide outfit and most of all… Read more

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