Grey Flash 2751

The history and restoration of a Vincent HRD Grey Flash

Grey Flashes were all fitted with finned drums finished in black enamel. These are the same as fitted to Black Shadow and Black Lightning models: two per hub, front and rear.

The rear hub and drums.

The rear hub is drilled for 10 bolts as per Black Shadow and Black Lightning models. Only 5 bolts are present – perhaps they were omitted in the quest for lightness? The road-going 1,000cc Rapide and Comet and Meteor single cylinder models made do with 5 bolt rear hubs. The finned drums went missing before Peter Johnson acquired the bike – they were an object of some envy to owners of plain drum Vincent models and may have been purloined by someone who came to look at the bike when it was in a disassembled state. Peter did mention that some parts had vanished this way. Anyway, Peter sourced some finned drums and had them painted grey to match the rest of the bike.

The brake cam arm is drilled.
As is the brake rod actuating arm.
The brake cam arm on the drive side with the drilled brake torque arm visible. The t-bar axle is incorrect and should be a waisted solid axle bolt with the lipped nut on the timing side.

All the above depicted drilled arms appear to be of the factory racing pattern and finished in dull chromium plate.

Close up of the finish on the brake torque arm.
The retaining clip has worn some of the chrome off revealing the layer of copper underneath.
Detail of front brake cam arm.

All of these arms will be removed and carefully inspected to determine whether they are original racing components, original to 2751, or modified/manufactured standard parts.

When the wheels and brake plates are removed we will see whether the special lightened brake cams are still in place.

This is the only photo that I have on file of an NOS lightened brake cam.

These feature a large and chamfered hole…

Lastly the front brake balance beam arrangement and outrigger plate. This appears thus:

The F55 balance beam has been extensively drilled.

This feature of racing Vincents was often adjusted to the preferences of racers and tuners and will most likely be left as-is as homage to Peter Johnson’s tenure.

Any comments much appreciated.

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