Grey Flash 2751

The history and restoration of a Vincent HRD Grey Flash

The F55 front brake balance beam is the one that came fitted to the 2751 when I acquired it.

It’s been extensively drilled.

We have no way of knowing whether this part is original to the bike or not, possibly not as it’s showing no signs of plated finish.

The part certainly has some age to it.

To my knowledge, these were not drilled at The Works and Grey Flashes were dispatched with regular undrilled items.

Lightening them was a popular mod’ though…
Without a doubt, this lightening work was carried out many, many years ago.
Detail of period shots of 2751 – hard to make out whether the F55 is drilled or not.

We cannot assume this part is original to the bike. But it has been on it a very long time, has period lightening modifications and, as such, is a valuable part of the bike’s history. It has been prepped prior to being dull chromium plated.

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