Grey Flash 2751

The history and restoration of a Vincent HRD Grey Flash

The engine has not been stripped down and we have no plans to take it apart unless deemed necessary. This venerable unit has seen a hard life but was in perfect mechanical condition when the bike was sold to Japan in 1989. Whilst in that country, the bike was only used a few times so we’re not expecting there to be any major issues internally. And we are planning to start and run the bike once the restoration has been completed.

The bike would have left The Works fitted with a Vibrac connecting rod – I have a lead on an NOS one but the work required to fit something that (i) can’t be seen and (ii) will be of dubious structural strength seems counter-productive.

It was like bathing a baby but not cleaning it up too much!
Many things to do including the replacement of non standard fasteners and fittings.
This spacer needs investigating…
Incorrect tacho drive… The special racing ATD cover needs examining – if it’s incorrect, I have an NOS one waiting in the wings.
A reminder of what it looks like with the timing cover removed.

2 thoughts on “Cleaning the Engine

  1. Somer says:

    Vibracs were too hard. Hope it was replaced. Look for a little V in the bottom. You probably knew that.


    1. humphsmith says:

      Thanks for your comment Somer. Yes, the Vibrac was replaced many many years previously.


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