Grey Flash 2751

The history and restoration of a Vincent HRD Grey Flash

A specially machined F106 was employed to lock the UFM to the gearbox, tying the top and bottom of the motorcycle together.

Visible here prior to dismantling.
Once stripped, this is what we were presented with.
The other side of the component – the cast-in high relief part number has been erased.
Another original F106/1 for purposes of comparison – again, no part number.
Image courtesy of David Dunfey.
A pattern F106/1 frame tie (left) compared to a standard F106 used for the Burman gearbox on the Comet and Meteor. Interesting to note the difference in appearance between this raw casting and the finish on our part.
A close-up of the anodised finish.
Again, a uniformity of finishes…
…Which is what we’re looking for.

An impossible-to-find part which is original to the bike without any doubt.

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