Grey Flash 2751

The history and restoration of a Vincent HRD Grey Flash

Assembly is continuing with progress coming along in leaps ‘n’ bounds.

The rear suspension assembly.

This is looking spectacular! The different chromium plated finishes complimenting the machined alloy of the damper and the cad plated fasteners. The finish of the brass reservoir drain plug needs to be dulled down a bit. The modern grease nipple also stands out… Bert managed to find period nipples to replace modern ones located on other parts of the bike. If we’re successful in finding some more then it can be replaced later on.

Herewith some shots of the assembled front end:

The timing side.
The drive side.
Close-up of the bottom link.
The beautifully lightened clutch basket/plates & new friction plates prior to assembly.
The clutch back in its rightful place.

As mentioned previously, this modified Norton clutch is being retained. The bike was raced with it and it adds a purposeful touch. If a future owner wishes to replace it with an Albion one then they can do so easily enough.

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