Grey Flash 2751

The history and restoration of a Vincent HRD Grey Flash

When I acquired 2751 from Mr. K , he let me have an NOS Vincent racing seat that he had. This was a real plus as these seats are almost impossible to come by. And indeed when I unwrapped the packaging, a very rare item in fine condition presented itself.

Perfect, or so I thought… Then, after extensive communication with Bill Hoddinott and David Dunfey, I came to the realisation that this rare racing part would never have been fitted to 2751. The very early production Grey Flashes and Black Lightnings featured many components fitted to road-going models that had been adapted – and this applied to the seat. By looking at period shots of 2751, I could indeed see that the seat fitted was what appeared to be a road-going seat that had been cut down.

When compared with:

A bit of a shame really as the the later purpose built racing seat looks way better… Also, the footrests and tachometer would not have been of Vincent racing pattern – but more of that later.

Anyway, the NOS seat was now determined to be incorrect and thus surplus to my requirements. It was sold to the owner of a genuine Black Lightning to recoup some of the outlay for 2751. What is such a rare item worth? Well, in 2009 I sold it for US$7,000…

2 thoughts on “The Seat

  1. Somer says:

    I had a NOS one of those too. Used it on the Ed LaBelle Shadow special. I still have one of the narrow seats that has the Feridax tag on it.


    1. humphsmith says:

      By ‘narrow seats’ do you mean what would have originally been fitted to 2751?


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