Grey Flash 2751

The history and restoration of a Vincent HRD Grey Flash

When I acquired 2751 I noted that the wheel rims fitted were 21″ for the front and 19″ to the rear – both Borrani. Bill Hoddinott commented:

“I have the impression that the Works used both Borrani and Dunlop 20 (rear) and 21 inch alloy (front) rims on GFs and BLs interchangeably from ’49 through ’55 according to whatever happened to be available on the market.  Far as I know the D and B were identical in appearance though it seemed some Bs had higher shoulders on them than others.  So it would seem that both Ds and Bs are acceptable on GFs and BLs.  I understand some of the rims were not even marked with a maker’s name.  The Works did not identify them in the Spare Parts List.”

So, the correct WM1 1.85″ x 21″ rim for the front was deemed correct but I needed to find a rare WM2 2.5″ x 20″ rim for the rear. Bill Hoddinott put me in touch with John Hanson who kindly agreed to sell me one that he had surplus to his requirements.

John had the rim polished before sending it to me.

The spoke holes were drilled in the right pattern so I now had one hard-to-find item checked off the list. Finding period-correct tyres in an acceptable condition would be impossible so I would have to compromise with the rubber.

3 thoughts on “Wheel Rims

  1. well done finding a 20″ rim , there were tyres made in that size in the 80s .. would I race on them .. not on your nellie

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    1. John. Hanson says:

      Vintage Tyres stocks the original Avon 350-20 block pattern tyre for the rear. I have just purchased two of them and they do look like the same tyre that came on the race bikes. The insignia “Avon” lettering is a bit different but still quite nice.

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      1. humphsmith says:

        Long time no communication John! I hope you are well. Thank you for this useful bit of information.


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