Grey Flash 2751

The history and restoration of a Vincent HRD Grey Flash

As acquired 2751 had a tacho’ fitted, perfectly functional but of the incorrect type.

Perched on a beautifully crafted bracket.
And driven from a modified ATD cover as per Vincent racing configuration – but with an incorrect drive gearbox.
When removed…
This appears to be a standard ATD cover that’s been modified.

First port of call was Franco, again! He included the correct parts together with the other items that he let me have.

The tachometer I also thought that I needed was one of the striking Smiths instruments of the racing pattern with yellow numerals thus:

One was on offer too… Yum yum!

But it was not to be… This pattern of racing tacho’ did not exist when 2751 left The Works.

This is what I needed.
Supplied by Signor Trento.

The last item is the tachometer mounting bracket. This was usually clamped to the right hand handlebar clamp using special extended studs. Drawings for the bracket and studs are held by the VOC.

Clearly seen here.
And less clearly…
…in period shots of 2751.

David Dunfey kindly sent me a bracket he’d fabricated, to give me an idea. The bracket will need to be made, as it is missing. I may end up adapting the bracket that David sent me.

One thought on “Tachometer & Drive

  1. Sadly, 2751 went to Japan with the correct original gearbox drive and tacho fitted, At some stage the owner has decided to upgrade to a shadow clock .. incorrect, an unnecessary. Perhaps the drive box was damaged in a workshop accident, as it protrubes on the right. It would have driven the replacement clock, were it available.

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