Grey Flash 2751

The history and restoration of a Vincent HRD Grey Flash

Here is a shot of what the handlebars and controls looked like when I acquired 2751:

Peter Johnson commented that the tachometer and tacho’ drive gearbox were not the ones that the bike left Australia fitted with. The alloy twist grip/front brake and clutch levers are of a more recent type, possibly manufactured by Doherty.

First port of call was Franc. He told me that he had what I needed and that he’d be prepared to entertain a swap for what was currently fitted to the bike as he could use them on a project that he was a working on.

It had already been determined, that to return the bike to Works Order Form specification, a choke control and manual magneto advance/retard control would be required – one for each side.

A period-correct handed pair were supplied.

Levers and a twist grip, that had originally been fitted to a Vincent were also supplied.

Clutch lever.
Brake lever & twist grip.
Loosely fitted.
Detail of the current set up minus the magneto and carburettor control levers. Handlebar, handlebar clamps and studs plainly visible.

The provenance of the handlebar is unknown. If the dimensions are close to factory standard then it will be left as-is. The finish of the handlebar appears very similar to what dull chromium plate looks like.

Two of the studs for the handlebar clamps are of the long pattern, as per racing tacho’ bracket configuration. But they are wrongly situated. Both long studs should be positioned on the right hand clamp to accommodate the tacho’ bracket. One of the clamps was removed:

Clamp underside compared to rear brake torque stay.

Interestingly, the clamp appears to show signs of dull chrome – these were usually enamelled black. Indeed, they appear not have been painted. This indicates that they are highly likely to have originally been fitted to 2751.

2 thoughts on “Handlebars and Controls

  1. We were obliged to use ball ended levers, even in the 80s, for safety reasons , at least they’re Brit… no choke parts with carb, or a stumpy lever to operate, but not really needed to race in Oz. It was delivered with an advance /retard lever for the magneto, to its new Japanese owner , now missing, and equipped with standard flat bars, also replaced. Alloy throttle grip chosen for its quick take up at the start line, effective, but not original.

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    1. humphsmith says:

      Thanks for your comments Peter! As you can see, over the years, I’ve been accumulating the right parts to enable me to restore the bike to closer to the spec it left The Works with. The restoration process will begin, in earnest, shortly and it’s going to be fun sounding off people like yourself in order to make the right decisions. Much obliged!


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