Grey Flash 2751

The history and restoration of a Vincent HRD Grey Flash

Having chronicled the known history and listed the parts unique to the Grey Flash model, and this bike in particular, I will shortly start publishing, on this blog, posts detailing the restoration process. Since I acquired the bike in 2008 I have diligently researched what parts fitted were original and not, what parts I needed and their special finishes. Many rare parts not present were sourced and are awaiting attention. Considerations on just how much attention to give these parts will need to be addressed. Also, whether to re-finish or leave as-is and how to go about replicating or preserving the many finishes unique to this particular Grey Flash. As the bike is disassembled, each component will be carefully examined for originality and decisions made about how to proceed.

As of this week – 3rd March 2020 – work has commenced! 🥳

To follow progress please either:
(i) click on ‘Blog Feed’ from menu. You will be able to scroll through the restoration process chronologically.
(ii) Use the search feature (‘Looking for something?’) to browse posts related to specific subjects.

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