Grey Flash 2751

The history and restoration of a Vincent HRD Grey Flash

It was decided that before fully stripping the bike down it would be advantageous to work out the correct angles for the mudguard blades and stays. To do this necessitates lacing up the correct size rear rim. A 19″ Borrani is currently fitted but I’d acquired a correct 20 incher some while back from John Hanson. This has been sent off with the hub to be laced up and a new tyre fitted. Spokes will be zinc plated steel and we won’t be able to re-use the nipples as they don’t suit the 20″ rim.

The hub is of the 10 bolt pattern and unpolished. It’s highly likely that this is original to the machine as 10 bolt hubs were only standard on racing Vincents and the higher performance Black Shadow models.

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