Grey Flash 2751

The history and restoration of a Vincent HRD Grey Flash

As acquired, 2751 featured a mix of foot controls. We have looked at each component carefully to assess provenance and made a decision whether to employ the part in the restoration, replace with the correct item (I have a stock of NOS racing foot control components) or remanufacture to correct specifications.

Both footrest control hanger plates were incorrect and fabricated by Peter Johnson. Some time back I had acquired a set manufactured to the correct dimensions and drilled as per original.

The re-manufactured plates.
As acquired, the brake controls appeared thus.

From this shot we can deduce that many components have been fabricated though the pedal appears to be of the original racing type.

Correct-type plate in place and authentic linkage parts fitted to the pedal. Note footrest.

Once the linkage components were loosely assembled we could see that we were going to achieve a good result on this side without too much trouble. An NOS G108/1 arm and other original parts were employed. One of the pillion footrests was also fitted up. Very early racing Vincents featured these until the purpose made knurled racing footrest was introduced a little later on. It was also noted that the pedal pad was in road-going configuration and need to be reversed – the above shot was taken after it’d been reversed.

The pedal arm with the pad in road-going mode as acquired (top). Below is an NOS pedal with the pad correctly assembled as per racing type.
A close up of 2751 being raced in period. The pillion footrest/rubber and reversed pedal pad are clearly visible.
Having ascertained what was what and dry built the brake side we felt happy with the result.

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