Grey Flash 2751

The history and restoration of a Vincent HRD Grey Flash

The gear change linkage as acquired.

We knew that this side was going to present more head-scratching. The correct configuration hanger plate was fitted and the gear linkage parts loosely assembled.

This shot shows the linkage assembled from what we had including a Black Lightning gear change lever. Position of the lever pivot on the hanger plate is incorrect.

The hollow FT256AS tube for the rose joints is clearly too short – this would have originally been fitted to a Black Lightning which employed the Vincent “unit” gearbox. So, a new tube was manufactured. We will have it cadmium plated at a later date.

Re-manufactured adjusting tube fitted. The pillion footrest has also been fitted.
With the correct gearchange lever in place but the rubber not yet fitted.
A nipple and nut has been fitted to the gear change shaft on the Albion gearbox. The arm appears to be original.

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