Grey Flash 2751

The history and restoration of a Vincent HRD Grey Flash

Grey Flash models employed 10-bolt rear hubs as per the Black Lightning and road-going Black Shadow. The flanges and drums are bolted to the hubs using special high tensile bolts and locknuts sans washers.

Simmonds locknuts.

These early locknuts are of the correct pattern and feature fibre inserts. Although we have some in 5/16″BSF we do not have 30, which is the amount we need to complete the job. New bolts and Nyloc locknuts will be employed instead, and, at £4.93 per bolt and £3.32 per nut (plus 20% VAT) this considerable expense will surely be quite a bit cheaper than making a set replete with fibre rather than Nylon inserts. Fitting new fasteners does not give us any pleasure…

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