Grey Flash 2751

The history and restoration of a Vincent HRD Grey Flash

…Or lack thereof. We removed the oil filter element chamber cap.

No element or associated parts, just a void.

The bike would have left The Works fitted with an element and we will reinstate one. At some point, possibly during Peter Johnson’s tenure, this assembly was omitted as it restricted flow and anyway, the oil would have been changed every meeting or so obviating any need for such a device. A little less weight too for a bike that was becoming more and more competitive… “Adding lightness” is the one tuning modification that seems to only have benefits for increase performance and handling on every level.

The incorrect BTH magneto is still fitted and just visible here.

Peter got back to me straight after I posted the above:

“No oil filter, no grease in wheel bearings, or seals… Oiled each meeting; less friction. Although weight is critical, my friend Ralf Engelhardt (BMW 500 sidecar champ with Klaus Enders), reminded me that 2kg equals 1hp whilst the bane of small engines is friction… Formula juniors (1100cc, 125hp and just enough torque to pull the skin off a cold custard) only used 2 piston rings for that reason.

I would eat salads for 3 days before a meeting, and fill up on pasta, etc on Sunday nights when the racing was over – and I was only 63kg then.

The fast engine (Comet cases) that Terry Prince built for me would turn over under valve spring pressure – beautiful.

And yes, the oil was changed each meeting, and the exposed primary and rear chain cleaned and re-oiled.”

Thanks for that Peter – fascinating! And it shows just how seriously you took your hobby and gives an insight into the drive and passion exuded.

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