Grey Flash 2751

The history and restoration of a Vincent HRD Grey Flash

2751 employs a modified standard nut that’s been turned down and drilled for lock-wiring.

This has probably seen many races…

The problem that we have here is that threads of this lock nut have lost their crisp profile whilst the female part of the equation is well worn. When nipped-up one is conscious that one day it’s going to go one nip over the line necessitating surgery to the cylinder head! A new nut has been ordered to see whether it will take up some of the slack. It will be altered accordingly.

The profile of the exhaust pipe as acquired.
The original pipe.
Another good profile shot.

We have yet to make a decision about whether to retain the current exhaust pipe or fabricate once closer to original pattern.

This is so cool!

Peter fabricated this pipe that crossed over to the drive side for use with tight right-handers at Bathurst (if I remember correctly). I did enquire as to whether it still existed but it had long since gone. I think that if I had it in my possession I’d seriously consider fitting it.

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