Grey Flash 2751

The history and restoration of a Vincent HRD Grey Flash

Recent inactivity is due to the fact that we have been awaiting and sourcing parts.

A large order of parts arrived from the VOCS.

Clutch plates for the modified Norton clutch also arrived.

As has been previously explained, the trick Norton clutch will be retained. This component is imbued with the bike’s racing history and to sideline it in favour of an original Albion unit seems almost criminal. Why delete parts of the bike that were used in-period just because they are unoriginal? It would not be particularly hard to source the correct component and return the bike to the spec’ that it left The Works with. However, we’ve decided that choice non-original parts, that were used in anger and are part of the machine’s DNA, will be retained and will be a fascinating reminder of the people that raced the bike and its racing pedigree. The character of 2751 needs to be preserved to attest to its very full and hard working life.

Head bracket as acquired.

As mentioned in this blog waay back (run a search for ‘Frames and Brackets’), It was discovered that the special drilled cylinder head bracket was found to be of the wrong pattern as the drilling appeared crude and didn’t match the drilling pattern of drawings held on file. This was a bit of a blow and the only recourse we had was to drill a bracket to original spec’. Finding an original bracket seemed a tall order and modern reproduction items differed in several ways and were completely unacceptable for this project.

As so often has been the case, Franc Trento came to the rescue! He mentioned we were looking for one to ace Vincent mechanic Greg Brillus and Greg was able to supply.

Original FT3 cylinder head bracket.
This will put to good use.

This is currently winging its way to the UK. It will be correctly drilled and dull chromium plated as per the original. Thanks Franc and Greg, you beauts!

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