Grey Flash 2751

The history and restoration of a Vincent HRD Grey Flash

There has been a delay due to: (i) waiting on parts, (ii) the c-virus, and resulting lockdown, and (iii) to a medical emergency that resulted in ace spannerman Bert nearly losing his hand after a malevolent pathogen came out of nowhere and took hold… His full recovery will take some time but he’s now getting back in the workshop aided by his wife, when needed.

It took some time to ascertain what parts were needed to replicate the mudguards accurately. We decided it would be prudent to fit these up prior to the bike being completely stripped down.

This is the look we were trying to achieve.
And this is the result.

The front racing-pattern mudguard is a standard alloy blade, minus the front u-shaped stay, and cut down. The rear stay is the standard item with a spacer between the stay and the fork to allow for clearance of the air scoops.

A good, clear period shot of 2751’s rear mudguard.

The rear racing mudguard is a purpose made item and not an adapted standard item.

This is what has been achieved – temporarily rigged prior to the full bike strip-down.

The rear guard is almost a full 180˚ in circumference. The radius of the guard is the same as that of the front blade and it employs the leading u-shaped stay from the front, at the rear.

Great pains were taken to ensure the front portion of the mudguard protruded far enough.

We were delighted to learn that these raw blades were actually in stock at the VOCS – this averted a special one-off order from a manufacturer, which is what we were anticipating.

And we’d like to thank Bob Culver for constructing the stays to original specification. They will be sent for dull chromium plating which would have been the original finish.

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