Grey Flash 2751

The history and restoration of a Vincent HRD Grey Flash

The original FT3 that we obtained from Franc and Greg, down in Australia, has been drilled.

The drill pattern is accurately recorded on a Works drawing which we had.

David Dunfey kindly supplied additional data which enabled us to drill with confidence. He also furnished us with photos of the original FT3 from his GF.

The finished item.

Once the lockdown has lifted and businesses are up ‘n’ running again, this will be sent off to the platers for the application of the correct dull chrome finish.

Dyl boy has carefully inspected the drilled FT3 and given it two claws up. 👍🏻

The engine has now been detached from the frames and the FT3 tried for size.

It will be sent for dull chromium plating once the platers are up ‘n’ running and taking in work.

2 thoughts on “Drilling the FT3 Cylinder Head Bracket.

  1. Well done .. do you weigh the individual pieces before and after .. I did, remember 2kg equals 1 HP
    The bolted up drums look good.


    1. humphsmith says:

      Thanks man! Funnily enough the weighing has already been recorded by another owner: a 53g difference. Some features would most certainly have varied, such as the hole chamfering. I’m guessing that this kind of work would have been performed by apprentices at The Works.


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