Grey Flash 2751

The history and restoration of a Vincent HRD Grey Flash

Now that we have ascertained the correct anodised finish on the fork legs, and have a reference point, we can compare other alloy parts, that we suspect to be anodised, to see whether they show signs of the same finish. If they do then we can be certain that they are original to the bike. It should be noted that these parts are listed, in the Parts List, with the parts number suffix of /1. This designates them as having the non standard anodised finish. This suffix was not cast into parts themselves as the parts were standard items differing only in their finished appearance.

FF1/1 Head Clip

The peculiarly named “head clip”…
With the bearing race removed.

Plenty of the exotic anodised finish evident here. And with the bearing race removed it was visible in the hidden area underneath. This is especially important as anodizing can be hard to detect on unmachined surfaces.

A good match can be made with other anodised parts.
And the forks legs.

FF4/1 Top Link

The anodised finish has been damaged in places.
At first we thought the alloy parts had been sandblasted…
Comparing to other anodised components.

Very happy to have gotten to the bottom of this. It would appear that the complete fork assembly remained together as one unit.

FF11/1 Handlebar Clamps

These also are anodised and feature dull chromed caps. Bert has replaced some of the studs.
A uniform finish is evident.

To now know that these items are original to the bike is incredibly satisfying and more than we had expected.

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