Grey Flash 2751

The history and restoration of a Vincent HRD Grey Flash

The bridge plate, from the front fork assembly, appeared to have some age to it. A standard bridge plate, stamped ‘FF32’, would have been anodised but was listed with the suffix of /1.

As removed.

Two layers of paint were removed – a good sign! many of the parts had been painted twice: The top layer had been applied by Peter Johnson and Terry Prince and beneath that we found another layer of paint and primer that had been applied years previously. Peter has told me that when he acquired the “bones” of the bike many of the parts had already been painted, so we knew that this layer of finish had been applied in antiquity and, at the same time, to other key parts (such as the forks). Removing it proved a bit of a task as it was stubbornly impervious to Bert’s preferred method of stripping using thinners.

With the top coat of grey paint removed. This older finish proved difficult to shift…
The rear (stripped). It’s been drilled and altered over the years.
One side features this stamping. The font for the suffix is the same as for the “FF32” part number meaning that it was done at the factory. We are not sure what it signifies.
This brake balance beam stop appears to be dull chromium plated… We believe it to be an original part that was repositioned at some point.
In this period shot we can see it on the drive side of the bike.
Here too…
For sure, it wasn’t fitted to the timing side…

The finish indicates that it likely to be original to the bike, which means the bridge plate is also an original anodised part.

Set next to the G50, we can see a uniformity of finishes.

The above shot shows the bridge plate next to the G50 pivot bearing plate which is an original part, albeit modified in-period. The finish is identical which leads us to conclude that the FF32 bridge plate is the one that 2751 left the works fitted with.

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