Grey Flash 2751

The history and restoration of a Vincent HRD Grey Flash

On the Grey Flash, a handed pair of AMAL levers are fitted to either side of the handlebars for manual control of the choke and magneto advance/retard. When acquired, none were present, or needed – the choke had been stripped from the carb and the incorrect magneto fitted didn’t feature manual adjustment.

Franc Trento sorted me out with a pair. They were not perfectly matched but it was a great starting point.

Thanks Franc!

Then Peter Johnson mentioned that he had found a similar lever in boxes of stuff he was sorting through.

Peter sent me an image.

This seemed like a good opportunity to make a up a more authentic-looking pair, so we came to a deal. Once the lever had arrived with Bert, he selected the best parts to make up a set.

There are some minor discrepancies visible but we feel the levers are close enough to what would have originally been fitted.

A hunt has also been on to try and track down some vintage control cables. To us, nothing would be worse than having this important machine adorned with modern plastic-covered cables…

These’ll look ace!

Bert managed to find some NOS items being sold on eBay. These will be used to construct a pair of correct length control cables. The devil is in the detail – very exited about this find!

As so often has been the case, brother Franc Trento has been the inspiration behind so much of this restoration. When I visited him back in 2005, I was blown away by the levels of detail he’d achieved with his assembly of the Jack Ehret Black Lightning.

Not a pattern part in sight…

It made me realise just how important getting all the tiny, seemingly insignificant details was – it’s something I’ve never forgotten. Thanks Franc sensei!

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