Grey Flash 2751

The history and restoration of a Vincent HRD Grey Flash

Bert got a call from platers-par-excellence Vernon Moss last week and picked up a box.

Looking a bit too shiny but promising. The bill for this work was considerable (and is just visible)!

These were a variety of parts: some original but with little plating remaining (for re-plating), some original (but not to 2751), some new (the stays) and some manufactured to works drawings (the tacho bracket).

Laid out on Bert’s freshly cut lawn…

Great pains were taken explaining to Vernon Moss about the kind of finish we required. Several months ago some test plating was undertaken and the process formulated, agreed upon and duly recorded. The result looked close to what we hoped but a little too shiny which is only to be expected from parts just out of the tank. Bert set about experimenting how he could carefully tarnish them to match original dull chromium plating on the bike.

A comparison of plated spring shrouds and the original dull chromed rear frame member.

The above shot shows how close we have got to matching the original finish – I feel, a very satisfactory result. 👏🏻

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