Grey Flash 2751

The history and restoration of a Vincent HRD Grey Flash

Now that we have some parts back from the platers it’s possible to finally make a start on the assembly process. The top and bottom forks links were a good place to begin and so Bert took his time building them up.

A shot of the assembled bottom link and steering stem.

Since I acquired the bike in 2008 I’ve been on the lookout for original cadmium plated fasteners for this restoration. I managed to acquire several kilos from famed Vincenteer Vaughn Greene in California, a real mother lode.

This little lot only arrived last week! Many thanks to Jim Burgess for these.

Whenever I had the chance to acquire some original fasteners I did – and now that foresight is paying us dividends… During the build process, Bert is able to replace many stainless steel items fitted to the bike with proper cadmium plated ones.

The top link and head clip anodised assembly. The handlebar clamp caps are dull chromium plated.
Both links together.

These assemblies look spectacular enough even without their exotic finishes… The culmination of some 14 years of planning and scouring for rare parts, it’s very very satisfying watching everything come together to the point where they’re being assembled. Meticulous work to preserve an important and unique machine.

One thought on “Assembly of the Girdraulic Fork Links

  1. Somer says:

    Wish I’d known you needed OEM cad. I have a lot of the ex-Bellville inventory.


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