Grey Flash 2751

The history and restoration of a Vincent HRD Grey Flash

The timing cover was carefully inspected and cleaned before mating up to the crank cases.

Missing dowels were replaced along with new seals.
The big end oil feed quill and relief valve.

The rare works racing tachometer drive and an NOS gearbox were installed.

The cover screws look a little out of place and will be attended to later.

The drilled and dull chromium plated FT3/2 is now in place and looking superb:

So satisfying to see this in place…

The keener amongst you will have observed the plethora of original fasteners employed. Herewith are some pics of the period fasteners used on the project thus far.

It turns out that the above two nuts are not what’s required here – more in another post about this.
Looking at these positively gives me an erection…💧
The UFM fitted.
So much effort and head-scratching to get to this stage.
A symphony in metals and hues…

We’re far from finishing but a pivotal moment has passed. There are major hurdles left to clear but things are starting to come together. Purists amongst you may find reason to comment negatively but please remember, we are not trying to achieve a generic level of finish – this important motorcycle is being restored with many of the parts employed during its racing career, as a tribute to the men who raced it. 😊

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