Grey Flash 2751

The history and restoration of a Vincent HRD Grey Flash

As assembly progresses more things are becoming apparent.

The steering head and fork link assembly is coming together well.
The original fasteners we’re able to employ are making all the difference.
A rubber boot has been added to the magneto advance/retard cable adjustment boss.
Spindles for the RFM. On the left are the s/steel ones that were fitted, to be replaced with original cadmium plated items on the right.
It turns out that these two nuts are incorrect; there is a special bracket required here.
Luckily we found one in the bag of fasteners acquired many years back from Vaughn Greene.

I think it’s necessary to acknowledge Vaughn for the invaluable contribution that he made to this project.

As mentioned previously, I ran an ad’ for original fasteners many years ago in MPH, the Vincent Owners Club monthly magazine. Vaughn, based in San Bruno, CA, was one of the few people that responded. He informed me that he had a large quantity of fasteners and parts that had been removed from Vincents that he’d been working on over the years. Vaughn was involved with the running, rebuilding and racing of Vincents since the ’50s and was well known in West Coast Vincent circles as being “the man” for many years. Anyway, a deal was struck and I arranged to have the heavy bag of fasteners delivered to me by a friend. When they arrived I discovered that this book, by Vaughn, was included as a gift.

One of two books that Vaughn wrote on an interesting observation that he’d made.

The premise of his argument is that many of the ancient carved stone images found around the world – depicting God-like figures – feature apparel resembling the space suits of modern day astronauts. It’s an interesting theory that currently cannot be dismissed outright until proven otherwise.

I heard that Vaughn died recently (August 2020) at the age of 92. Rest in peace Vaughn.

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