Grey Flash 2751

The history and restoration of a Vincent HRD Grey Flash

Bert Carefully replicated the the tacho bracket from the E.M.G. Stevens/F. Griffin drawing held on file by the VOC. The Club has taken great pains to create a database of accurate drawings for every part employed in all Vincent HRD motorcycles and “The Drawings Project” is still, as far as I’m aware, an ongoing process. Data was compared, correlated and precise drawings rendered, correcting many discrepancies previously encountered. Prior to the commencement of this project, many Vincent “pattern” parts were often found to not perform in conjunction with Works-made spare parts – there were all manner of issues that caused a lot of aggravation for enthusiasts as well as the small batch manufacturers involved in their production. So it was with the utmost confidence that Bert was able to fabricate a tachometer bracket exactly as the “Obscure Components” drawing.

A portion of which is shown here…
Freshly fabricated.

This seemed fairly straightforward and the drawing enabled Bert to make it precisely. It did look a little out-of-keeping when compared to other parts on the bike though. For example, why don’t the radii match those of the handlebar clamps? It looked ill-thought-out to our eyes and at odds with the levels of detail visible on other parts of the machine. Anyway, off it went for dull chromium plating…

Back from the platers.

Once back and bolted into place Bert attached the old (incorrect) tacho head to see what it looked like. His first comment was that it was going to position the unit “bloody close” to the tank…

This looks wrong…

Period shots of 2751 and other GFs show the tachometers angled less… I ran this past David Dunfey and he kindly sent me a photo of a genuine bracket and mentioned that the “Obscure Components” drawing may have been based on a bracket employed by John Surtees on his personal Grey Flash racer.

(photo courtesy of David Dunfey)

The radii match that of the handlebar clamps – of course! A lesser angle too… Bert magnanimously agree to perform the necessary modifications and the re-worked bracket will now need to be re-plated.

That’s better!
Top banana!

Bit of a head-scratcher this one! So “obscure” is this part that no-one has ever questioned the drawing and there is very little call for such a bracket anyway.

Onwards and downwards!! 😆

2 thoughts on “Au Chagrin! More Tacho Bracket…

  1. Somer says:

    Seems like when we restored the LaBelle bike, I found some longer FF72 .They are in the parts book as FF72/1 , No need to contour the bracket.
    Not a good close up but an idea.


    1. humphsmith says:

      Right! We used washers as recommended to allow for the hump on the handlebar clamp. thanks for the link.


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