Grey Flash 2751

The history and restoration of a Vincent HRD Grey Flash

Bert and I have been studying period photos of 2751 in order to ascertain how to route the cables and their lovely fabric sheaths.

In all the period photos the brake beam balance stop is on the “wrong” side and we have installed it this way round.

The mark in question…

The upper fork link bears a “witness mark” where the sheath covering has rubbed off exposing the metal underneath – this was most useful helping us find the right path for the front brake cable.

Much care has to be taken with the routing of these cables to: (i) ensure that they do not foul when the forks are on full lock and (ii) are not pulled taught when the forks are fully compressed. If this happened then the front brake would likely be be actuated and the wheel would lock resulting in a situation too terrible to contemplate…

Rigged up and locked in the opposite direction.
With the cable and ferrule in place.
The view from above.
And down the drive side of the UFM.

We are currently awaiting sundry parts back from the platers and the rubber hoses/ferrules to make up the oil and fuel pipes.

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